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How To Fake Antique Gold Frames

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

I've been looking for vintage gold frames everywhere! But, no luck! So I've decided to DIY them with inexpensive black craft store frames.

Take the Frames Apart

Take the backs and glass off the frames.

What to do next:


Spray Paint

Spray paint the frames using a matte metallic gold (this is Rust-oleum Sunlit Brass)

Let Paint Dry:


Let Paint Dry

Check the coverage and see if you need another coat.

Create Vintage Look:


Antique Wax

To fake a vintage look I'm using antique wax (this one is $2 at Walmart and works great)

Brush on Wax

Using a small brush I painted on the wax over the entire frame.

What to do next:


Wipe Off Wax

Using a paper towel 0r soft cloth wipe off the excess wax.

Create Vintage Frames:

See the Difference

Here is what antique wax looks like over the gold paint.

What to put in your frames:


Mushroom Art

I've created some mushroom prints that you can dowload for free.