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How To Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that add a touch of nature to any garden. If you're looking to attract butterflies to your yard, there are a few things you can do.

Plant Nectar Rich  Flowers

Butterflies need nectar to fuel their energy, so planting a variety of nectar-rich flowers is a great way to attract them. 

Some good choices to try: – Coneflowers – Echinacea – Goldenrod – Marigolds – Milkweed – Nasturtiums – Penstemon – Purple coneflower – Salvia – Sunflowers


Provide a water source.

Butterflies also need water to drink and bathe in. You can provide a water source for them by placing a birdbath or shallow dish of water in your garden.

Flower Choice for Beginners:


Plant Host Plants

Butterflies lay their eggs on specific plants, called host plants. When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars will feed on the host plant until they are ready to pupate. 

Milkweed, Thistle, & Joe Pye Weed are good choices.


Avoid Using Pestisides

Pesticides can harm butterflies and other wildlife. Look for natural alternatives that are safe for pollinators.

By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting garden that will attract butterflies for years to come.

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