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Cement Looking Bunnies

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker HIll

Do you have any "cutesty" figurines that you don't use any more?

Let me show you how you can update the look of them to make them look more trendy. *These bunnies are currently available at Hobby Lobby*


You will need joint compound and chalk paint to achieve the faux cement look on the bunnies.

What to do:


Joint Compound

Spread joint compound over bunnies with a plastic knife & fingers to completely cover. 

What to do:


Let Dry

They will need to dry overnight.

What to do next:



To create a faux cement look use a combo of gray, brown, & white paint.

How To Paint

Dab on the different paint colors with the tip of your brush. This will create the faux cement look.

Here's How They Look


Finished Bunnies

Here are the finished faux cement bunnies. Now let's decorate!

How to Style:


Style for Spring

I added my bunnies to  a tray on the coffee table with tulips and ivy for a fresh look for Spring.