fall diy

fall leaf clay dishes

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here's a Fall DIY craft that will make you look like a pro...even if you aren't crafty!!

You will need some fresh leaves and a box of oven-bake clay (and paint).

Grab a Few Leaves

I picked 3 different sized and shaped leaves. You want leaves with lots of veining throughout.

step 1

go outside

What to do:


Roll out the clay

 large enough to fit a leaf and 1/4 inch thick.

What to do:


Place a Leaf

In the middle of the  clay use rolling pin to go over the leaf to make an imprint.

What to do:


Cut Out

the leaf outline with the tip of a knife.

what to do:

remove excess clay around leaf. 

Make rounded shape

Find a rounded bowl or even use aluminum foil to make one.  I wiped the inside of the bowl with a small amount of cooking spray to prevent any sticking.


leaf bowl

What to do:


Bake the Clay

I baked the clay dishes in a 275° oven until the clay was set (30 min. for mine)

What to do:


Paint the Leaves

Using either acrylic craft paint or spray paint in your choice of colors. (I used spray paint)

Finished Fall Leaf Clay Dishes:


For extra detail

I lightly brushed antique wax over leaves to pick up the veining in the leaves.