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Artificial Tulip Arrangement

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here is a pretty idea to shake off the winter blues!

Not only is it so easy to make but is budget-friendly All you need is a bunch of artificial tulips & a trendy looking ceramic planter.

Prepare Tulips

By bending the end of the stems into a U shape.

What to use:


Ceramic Planter

This planter looks like something from Anthropologie...but it's only $8.97 from Walmart (garden section)!!

What to do:


Add Tulips

Next I arranged the tulips around the perimeter of the planter.  Bend them to look natural.

What to do next:


Fill In Center

Once you have the outside filled with tulips fill in the center.

That's It!



Your tulips in a place you will see them & they will brighten your day! Don't they look real??

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