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Easter Egg DIY  Craft

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker HIll

Here is a pretty Easter egg DIY that you can make.

It starts with paper Easter eggs (I found mine at Walmart) and you will need craft paint, jute string, and floral embellishments.

Paint the eggs

Paint the paper eggs using a light colored craft paint. I'm using peach.

What to do:


Speckled Eggs

To give the eggs a speckled look wet an old toothbrush, dip in brown paint, & run your finger across bristles gently.

What to do:


Add Twine

Wrap thin jute twine around the egg a few times and tie a bow

What to do next:



Add a sprig of baby's breath for a pretty touch. Just tuck under the jute.

Final Touch

I added a mini satin stick-on flower to the front of the Easter egg. (flowers found in sewing dept.)