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Double Your Hostas, No Cost!

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Hostas are a low-maintenance favorite for gardeners, but even these easy-going plants benefit from a little TLC. Dividing your hostas every few years promotes healthy growth and prevents overcrowded, tangled roots.

Dig Up The Hosta

Use a pitchfork or shovel and dig up the clump of hosta once it breaks ground in the Spring.

You want to get your pitchfork underneath the root ball and in a seesaw motion lift it out; sometimes you will just need to use your hands to free it and lift it out.. 

What's Next:


Divide the Hosta

I use a sharp knife to cut the clump into sections.    I cut this clump into 2 sections.



Dig a hole wider and deeper than the clump you are going to plant. Pop your Hosta in the hole and backfill it with the soil.


 Watch Them Grow

Hosta are hardy and will continue to grow and get larger. Just remember to divide them again in a few years!

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