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Create a Charming Mossy Grapevine Heart

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here is a pretty decoration that works for Valentine's Day and beyond!

It starts out with 3 small heart grapevine wreaths. You could also use round wreaths for this project!


You will also need a bag of mixed moss and a few sprigs of baby's breath.

What to do:


Add Moss

Hot glue small pieces of moss onto the heart wreath.




Cover the other 2 wreaths in moss.

What to do next:


Add Flowers

Next tuck small sprigs of baby's breath around the wreaths.

Attach with Ribbon

-Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 11 inches long. -Flip wreaths over.  -Use ribbon to attach 1st and 2nd wreath, repeat with 2nd &3rd. Secure ribbon ends with hot glue.

Add Bow To Top:


Tie a Bow 

Add a bow to the top center wreath. I love using velvet ribbon.