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DIY Coastal Starfish and Driftwood Ornaments

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Bring the beauty of the coast to your home with these easy-to-make starfish and driftwood ornaments. Perfect for a beachy or nautical theme, these ornaments are sure to add a touch of coastal charm to any space.

01. Materials

 – Starfish – Driftwood – Jute twine – Beads – Drill (optional) – Hot glue gun (optional)

02. Making the Ornaments

 Wrap the twine around the starfish, starting at one of the points and working your way up to the top.

String on a couple of wooden beads. Tying a knot between each bead.


Add Driftwood

 If you are using a drill, drill a hole through the center of the driftwood. If you are not using a drill, wrap the jute twine around the driftwood a few times.


Knot Twine 

 Tie a knot to make a hanger for the starfish ornament. Cut off excess twine.

Use different sized starfish or sand dollars to make an assortment of ornaments.