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Turn a tomato cage into a climbing flower trellis

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

To make this trellis you will need the cheapest tomato cage that you can find. The flimsier the better for this project!

Other Supplies:


Seagrass rush, seagrass rope, or sisal rope or jute rope will work.


4 ft bamboo garden stakes & spray paint

Seagrass Rush

I'm using seagrass rush (amazon). It needs to be soaked in water to be easier to work with and malleable. 

Give the tomato tower & bamboo stakes a coat of spray paint in whatever color you prefer.  I am using copper. (You can leave the bamboo natural too)


Bamboo Stakes

Line up the 5 bamboo stakes with the metal legs of the tomato cage. Secure in place with an elastic.


Bamboo Stakes

Then I took the bottoms of the bamboo and popped them inside the top metal ring of the tomato cage


Wrap Tower

Starting at the top, I wrapped a generous amount of the rush around and did a simple knot to secure it

Then I moved to the bottom, I tied a simple knot around the base of the cage and started wrapping the rush around the outside of the rings. You can wrap as much around depending on how thick you want your band to be


Wrap Tower

I wrapped the rush around the tomato cage where the 3 metal rings were and I also wrapped it one more time near the top of the cage.

Wrap Vertically Too

I wrapped around the seagrass rush vertically too for added detail. Trim off the excess & frayed pieces when you are finished.

Add it To A Planter

Now add your trellis to a large planter.  Secure with garden staples around the base ring. Plant climbing flowers and watch them grow all Summer!