DIY Chalk Painted Easter Eggs

By Jennifer Howard

To make my own speckled eggs for Spring decorating I started with a bag of fake eggs. They look pretty real! I added an  Amazon affiliate link below.

Using Rustoleum spray chalk paint I gave the eggs a quick coat. Putting the eggs in a cardboard box works great for this craft because the eggs roll aroud from the pressure of the spray  paint.

Now to get the speckles! Grab a toothbrush and plastic knife. Dip the toothbrush bristles  in brown chalk paint and drag it over the knife...going away from you.

Make sure to run the toothbrush away from you. If you pull it towards will be speckled! 

Now let's decorate with our eggs!! First I grabbed a footed bowl. I placed a moss wreath on top. I filled the center with  paper.

Then I  arranged the speckled eggs in the center of the bowl on top of the paper.

I wrapped a piece of grapevine garland around the edge of the bowl to make it look more like a nest. .

To finish up, I filled in any spaces with preserved green moss. It looks pretty and hides the paper in the bottom of the bowl.

Lastly, I found the perfect spot to display my painted eggs...on my kitchen china cabinet.

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