cottage on Bunker Hill

Cottage Spring Porch

Jennifer Howard

Spring is finally here in New England!! We made it through another cold winter. Decorating my porch for Spring is a great way to celebrate the season!

Let’s get started!

I'm using lots of natural elements and flea market finds.

Dried Flower Wreath


I put together a wreath using dried strawflowers that I saved from my cut flower garden.

Baskets of Flowers


Next I grabbed a vintage metal basket, lined it with grapevine, and put a planter full of pansies inside.

Creative Displays


I turned a vintage farm crate upside down and placed the pansy basket on top. In the background I stacked up rusty old round baskets.

Big Basket of Bulbs


A basket of daffodil bulbs will be flowering in a few weeks.

Add a Table


I added a  table to my small porch. This gave me more space to create a pretty scene.