Cottage Garden Planters

Jennifer Howard

Spring is here and I'm getting my cut flower garden ready.

Here are a few ways I added cottage charm...

Old Planters 

To save money, I cleaned up my old plastic planters and gave them a makeover.


What I did:


Paint Works Wonders!

First, a coat of flat black paint. Followed by metallic copper to add details.

What to look for:


Vintage Finds

I found a stack of antique croquet wickets for $2 each!

Once the paint dried:


Cottage Planter

I filled the planter and crisscrossed 2 of the wickets.

Add Flowers

I filled the planter with a variety of Summer annuals in pretty pinks, purple, and whites.

Another Easy Idea:


Use Grapevine

I took apart a grapevine wreath and used a few pieces to make a birdcage trellis for this pot. Just crisscrossed and pushed the ends into the soil

Look how pretty!


Add Lavender

This planter was perfect for lavender; a cottage garden must have!

Affordable DIY


Cottage Garden Tower

I made this out of a cheap tomato cage and bamboo stakes! 

Finished Planters

They are perfect in the corner of my cut flower garden! Let's hope that bunny statue keeps the real ones away this year!.