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Blooming Beauties: Top Picks for Sun-Drenched Gardens

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Sun-drenched flowerbeds begging for some pizzazz? These easy-care perennials are the perfect solution, guaranteed to bring color and pollinators to your garden all season long.


Coneflowers (Echinacea) are not only easy to grow but are drought-tolerant perennials.  Available in a wide variety of colors but the purple is the most common. Great pollinator flower to add!

 Black Eyed Susan is another easy perennial for your sunny garden.



Garden Phlox is definitely one to add. Small clusters of flowers on each stem.



It's nice to add a climbing flower to your garden, Clematis come is a huge variety of colors and heights.



Salvias love the sun. Another easy-care perennial to add to your garden. Drought tolerant and a favorite of bees.

Shasta daisy are easy to find at your nursery or home improvement stores. They flower all summer into the fall as long as you deadhead them.


Those are just a few flowers to get you started. Want to see my cut flower garden next? Click Below.