Starting a 

patio garden

By Jennifer Howard

If you are limited on space you can still have a garden this year

If you have a sunny patio or balcony you can grow plants in an elevated raised bed! Perfect for herbs, patio-sized veggies, and flowers.

Start a patio garden

use potting mix made for container gardens/raised beds

Once you have the bed filled it's time to plant and create your patio garden!

In this bed I planted a pepper, small eggplant, kitchen herbs, & flowers

Bright flowers

A pot of bright annuals in the center of this patio garden bed adds instant color and charm!

water your garden

 Make sure to keep your patio garden watered.  Raised beds like this dry out quicker than plants in the ground.

watch it grow!

Now watch your garden grow over the Summer! It's awesome to just go and cut fresh herbs for dinner!

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