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Trader Joe's Flower Arrangement Ideas to Try

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Trader Joe's is the best place to buy fresh flowers! You will find the most affordable prices along with a great selection of flowers and greenery  This full bag was $35...let me show you what I did.

Rose Arrangement- $14

For this beautiful flower arrangement, I used 1 bunch of spray roses ($5.99), Variegated Pittosporum, & flowering filler.

Here's another idea to try:


Tulip Arrangement

For this flower arrangement I'm using a bunch of 20 tulips ($11.99) and a few spring branches ($4.99)

If You Only Have $4...


Grab Eucalyptus! 

One $3.99 bunch fills a vase,  looks stylish, & will last for a month!


Small  Display

The remainder of the flowering filler was perfect to fill a small planter-turned-vase (hide a glass of water inside).

With Just $35 I filled all these vases with flowers and greenery and put them allover the house. Just greenery or branches looks fantastic in a vase too.