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Making a Spring Flower Centerpiece

Jennifer Howard | Cottage On Bunker Hill

There's nothing like seeing fresh Spring flowers after a long winter! 

Let me show you how to create an easy live centerpiece using Spring plants.

Find a Container

You will want something deep enough to hold small plants. I chose a footed pedestal bowl.



Making a Spring Centerpiece



On the bottom of the bowl I added a layer of small pebbles since there isn't drainage holes in my container..

Making a Spring Centerpiece


Pick Flowers

Pick a variety of Spring plants to add. I'll be using primrose, hyacinth, and pansies

Making a Spring Centerpiece


If using bulbs...

Make sure they are forced bulbs that will flower. I grabbed the hyacinth at Trader Joes for around $3.50 with the cute vase.

Arrange Plants & Bulbs

Figure out how you want to arrange your plants then fill your container with potting mix.

Making a Spring Centerpiece


Add Moss

Dampen preserved moss and add all over the container,  This covers the soil plus holds in moisture..

Making a Spring Centerpiece


Final Details

 I wrapped grapevine garland, a small porcelain bunny, and a few pussy willow stems.

Finished Centerpiece

Now it really feels like Spring! Click the link to see the rest of my Spring tablescape.

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