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Making Vintage Looking Bunnies (from new statues)

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Let me show you how I took a pair of blue rabbit figurines that I found at Hobby Lobby and transformed them into a more vintage antique-looking set of gold bunny rabbit statues.

What You Need

You can use this technique on any kind of figurine or statue that you already have.  Grab a matte metallic spray paint, I'm using Rustoleum matte sunlit brass.

 Spray paint the statues. It took me 2 coats to cover the rabbits evenly.  Hold the can about 8" away and use light bursts of the paint to avoid dripping.

What to do:


Antique Wax

Once the paint is completely dry it is time to give the rabbits a vintage look.  For this I will use Waverly antique wax. (Walmart $2)

What to do:


Brush Wax On

Using a course brush I "painted" on the antique wax over one of the rabbit statues. It's easy to use and has a paintlike consistency. 


Wipe Off Wax

Once I covered the rabbit with wax I used a paper towel to wipe off the excess. You can see how the dark wax stays in between the hairs to create an aged look

Here is the difference the antique wax makes.  The left one is waxed and right is just the spray paint


Finished Bunny

Once the wax dries you can decorate with your newly "vintaged" statues.

Spring Coffee Table Idea

On my coffee table I added a big wicker tray, the rabbits, a small vase of dried flowers, vintage books, and an ivy plant.