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Make a Peter Rabbit Themed Flower Arrangement

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

I decided to try my hand at making a flower arrangement inspired by the Tale of Peter Rabbit. This would be the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower or children's themed party!

 To make Peter Rabbit's signature blue coat that he lost in Mr. McGregor's garden I traced an outline  on blue felt and cut out the shape.

 Then made a couple quick snips in the felt and hot glued the felt pieces together.

Container to Use:

 A 10-inch terracotta planter pot works perfectly for the Peter Rabbit garden theme. I added wet floral foam inside

The arrangement is a mix of flowers and vegetables  Ornamental kale adds color and texture.


Mixed in the flowers were a variety of different colored radishes & carrots.

I even added teeny flower pots that were glued to floral stakes and of course a little rabbit.


The Peter Rabbit scarecrow was tucked to one side of the pot in the middle of all of the flowers.