Garden Wreath

Cottage on Bunker Hill | Jennifer Howard

As my garden winds down for another season I have a way to remember the flowers.

Let's make a quick autumn flower wreath!

Gather Flowers

I grabbed my clippers and headed out to the garden to collect flowers,  pods, and dried sunflowers.

What to look for:


What To Use...

You can collect anything that looks interesting! Berries, seed pods, hydrangeas.

How to make the wreath:


Wreath Form

A grapevine or twig wreath will look best for this wreath.

How to make the wreath:


Add Flowers

Most flowers can be tucked into the wreath but for delicate stems use hot glue to secure in place


Adding flowers to fill in the wreath working your way around the form.

What else to add:


What else...

I popped in a few pieces of dried wheat and a few pheasant feathers..

What flowers I used:


Flowers Used:

Sunflowers Hydrangeas Celosia Amaranth Starflower Astilbe

Finished Wreath

It's a lovely way to enjoy my garden for a little while longer!