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How to Make a Pine Cone Door Hanger

By Jennifer Howard


What you will need:

7 Pine Cones  Roll of Wide Ribbon  White Acrylic Paint Glitter/ Snow (optional)

Add Snowy Look to Pinecones


Brush white acrylic paint over the edges of the pinecones for a snowy look..

Optional (but pretty!!)

Glitter/ Sparkling Snow

While the paint is wet sprinkle snow or iridescent glitter over cones. 


You will need 7 pieces of ribbon 24" inches long (you can do shorter pieces if you want a smaller swag)

Continue Gluing

Glue all 7 ribbons to the 7 pinecones

Put it all together


Gather the 7 ribbons and stagger the pinecones.. 

Final Touch

fold the ends of the ribbons over and make a loop for hanging. Secure with a zip tie. Using another piece of ribbon tie a bow around (looks pretty and hides ziptie!)

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