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How to Make a DIY Witch Broom for Halloween

Jennifer Howard | Cottage On Bunker Hill

Witch brooms are a classic Halloween decoration, and for good reason. They're spooky, fun, and relatively easy to make. In this Web Story, you'll learn how to make your own DIY witch broom using foraged materials.

The best materials for making a witch broom are branches and twigs. You can find these materials in the woods, your backyard, or even at the local park. Look for branches that are about 4-5 feet long and twigs that are about 2 feet long.

 To assemble your witch broom, start by bundling the twigs together around the branch. Secure with zip tie.

Wrap twine or roping the broom, hiding the zip tie.

Weave a string of battery-operated fairy lights around the broom handle and through the broom head.

 Now you have a spooky and festive DIY witch broom for your Halloween porch.