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Easter Front Door Wreath

By Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker HIll

It's time to refresh your front door for Spring.

Let me show you how to make a pretty Easter wreath for your front door.

Start Wreath

Use either a grapevine or twig wreath for the base. I started by hot gluing 6 speckled craft eggs around the wreath.

What to do:


 Spring Branches

Next, add either fresh or artificial pussywillow stems around the wreath,  Just tuck the branches into the wreath to keep in place.

What to do next:


Spanish Moss

I used clumps of Spanish moss to fill in around the wreath (Dollar Tree has great Spanish moss & it's cheap!)

What to do:


Add Daffodils

Add artificial daffodil flowers around the wreath.

A Few Final Touches

To finish off the wreath I added one more artificial flower, small white blossoms (Michaels)...

Then a few sprigs of baby's breath, guinea feathers, a few small eggs, & a little green moss.