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DIY Clay Botanical Coaster Set

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here is an easy DIY project for you using air-dry clay. Roll out clay to at least 1/4" thick or more to make coasters. 

Cut Circle Shapes.

To make circles for the coasters use either a round cookie or biscuit cutter or even a glass. Make sure it cuts a circle large enough to hold a glass.

Once I had the coasters cut out I needed to smooth out the edges and fix any blemishes in the clay.



Make Imprints

Use flowers or leaves to make imprints in the clay. Both real and artificial will work.

What to do:


If There Is Debris

If the flower leaves behind seeds or debris just use a small brush or even a toothpick to clean off the clay.


Let Clay Dry

Let the clay dry competely before painting. To speed up the air-dry process you can put the clay into a very low temp oven 200°

Wanting to stay with a natural look, I painted the coasters with a tan shade of chalk paint.


Paint Flowers

am going to use watercolors for my set of coasters. Acrylic, chalk, or paint pens would work too.

Clear Glaze

After the paint was dried I sealed the coasters with this clear glaze. It gives clay projects a real pottery gloss, great DIY trick!

Finished Coasters

Add tiny felt, rubber, or cork adhesive pads to the back of the coasters to prevent scratching.