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Vintage Charm For Your Potting Bench

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Do you have a potting bench in your garden? If so, you know that it's a great place to store your gardening supplies and tools. But you can also decorate it to add a touch of vintage charm.

01. Potting Bench

 First I needed to fix up my potting bench. It looked pretty rough. I decided to give it a coat of earthy green paint.

02. Vintage Pieces

 I gathered some vintage garden pieces for the potting bench. Like garden tools and produce signage.

Look for vintage garden pieces at thrift stores, flea markets, or antique shops. This basket was $3.49 at the thrift store.


Stack Pots

Another easy way to decorate your potting bench is to stack small pots on top of each other. You can use different colors and sizes of pots to create a unique look.


Basket For Storage

Baskets are handy to collect pots, garden tools, & supplies. Here I filled it will vintage terracotta.

A DIY garden themed wreath was hung on a hook on the back of the potting bench.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on decorating your potting bench with vintage inspiration. With a little creativity, you can transform your potting bench into a beautiful and functional addition to your garden.


Garden Scarecrow

Another fun garden project to make is a DIY scarecrow to watch over everything!