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Moss Covered Mushroom DIY

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Mushroom decor is everywhere this Spring. Why don't you make your own and save $$. For this project I'm using ceramic mushrooms from Hobby Lobby.

01. Paint

I have 3 mushrooms and I painted 2 with brown chalk paint and one was painted green.

 Paint the entire mushroom. Tip: to dry the paint quickly use a hair dryer!

What to do:


Add Moss

Once the paint is completely dry it is time to add moss to the mushroom caps. I used Mod Podge & a sponge-tipped brush.

 Use preserved moss for this project. Break the chunks into smaller workable pieces.

What to do:


Brush on Mod Podge

Brush the Mod Podge over the mushroom cap and adhere the moss to it.


Press Down Moss

Once I covered the mushroom with moss I used the palm of my hand to push it down.

Then it was time for a haircut! I trimmed the excess moss from the top and sides of the mushroom.


Finished Mushroom

Time to decorate!

DIY Moss Mushrooms

I made a small display with the 3 moss mushrooms on a tray with Spanish moss and a few flower sprigs.