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Modern Jingle Bell Wreath

By Jennifer Howard

Jingle Bells

I used 3 different sizes of jingle bells.  1½ inch, 1 inch, and ½ inch bells

Metallic Spray Paint

Spray Paint

I used rose gold, brushed gold, and brushed silver metallic spray paint  to give the shiny bells a more modern metallic look.

What to use for the base..

Use a thin wreath form

I used a 12" wreath ring form as the base.

Making The Wreath

Hot Glue

I hot glued the bells onto the wreath form. Varying the colors and sizes.

Using small bells...

Fill in

Once the front was complete I filled in the inside and out with small jingle bells (it hides the wreath form)

Add a ribbon for hanging...


I added a pretty ribbon at the top so I could hang the jingle bell wreath.

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