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Dried Flower Spring Wreath

Jennifer Howard | Cottage on Bunker Hill

There's no need to always buy new wreaths!

If you keep a few supplies on hand you can make a new wreath whenever you need one. Let me show you how make a quick Spring wreath

Making Wreaths

Since I'm known for my DIY wreaths people think I must have a storage room full of them... but in reality, I have a few wreath forms that I use and then take apart when I'm through with it.

For This Wreath:


Dried Flowers

For my wreath I'm using strawflowers from my garden. But you can find bunches at your craft store right now (this pic is from Hobby Lobby last week)

What to Do:


Add Flowers

Since I'm reusing a Xmas wreath form I removed the greenery first then started gluing on the strawflowers.



I want to keep this wreath simple and did 4 clusters of strawflowers around the wreath.

How It Looks:


Add Bunny Tails

For added interest, I tucked in bunny tail grass around the clusters of flowers.

Spanish Moss

To fill in some of the gaps I tucked clumps of Spanish moss into the wreath and small sprigs of tiny flowers.

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